I got my start in the hair world immediately out of high school.  Art was my best subject in high school so I thought it might be a match. I fell in love with everything about the business, from doing hair to eventually becoming a business owner. I built InStyle Salon in Green Bay WI in 1990 and sold it in 2009. My how time flies. I really had fun and learned a lot not only about hair but about people. Women mostly.  In twenty years I think I did it all, a salon, a spa and beauty school,  besides raising two lovely daughters who are in the beauty business as well. So as you can see I love what I do and that will reflect on your hair.


My philosophy is simple:   My reputation is only as good as my last design. I will take the time to do it right.


Rebecca Kay Roby



My art work, from Haircutting, Coloring, Eyelash Extensions,  and Microblading.....  is not only something I produce, its something that produces change in both myself and my guests that come into my salon.  In all of my career I have always been the one who will go out of the box, always looking for the latest newest, most exciting things in this wonderful world of beauty. Whether is be a new color or hair product a new technique or a new service altogether. The secret is you have to master your trade so your work will stand out!

I want to make a difference in your life, let me be your personal designer.